“Being healthy matters only because we need good health to have everything else we want: fantastic lives – happy, positive, balanced, full of passion and energy and love. Living a SuperLife!”

Darin Olien

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Superfodd Hunter Darin Olien drinking freshly steeped Schizandra berry tea, a powerful adaptogen for fighting stress!

9 Foods & Herbs That Help Your Body Adapt To Stress

So as some of you might know, my dog Chaga was injured last week. And...

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Quinoa is a great food for energy

Tired? 11 Natural Foods to Raise Energy

Your body is meant to be full of energy, not running on fumes. However, all...

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The SuperLife 10-Day Nutrition Program


Ready to feel your best and live your SuperLife? Use the 10-Day Program to create more energy, spark weight loss, and learn healthy plant-based eating!

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– 100+ pages of all my nutrition discoveries and secrets.
– 40+ insanely nutritious, but easy-to-make recipes. (Seriously, the No. 1 piece of feedback on this program is how good the food tastes!)
– Bonus guides, worksheets and downloadable resources.
– A shopping list to make getting started easy.
– Live support and feedback from me!
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