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Why is Seasonal Eating So Powerful?

  Memorial Day is the unofficial start of “summer” (for all those too impatient to wait until the summer solstice, June 21st). It’s the perfect time to start watching for seasonal fruits and vegetables to show up at your local stores and farmers markets so that... read more

‘Berry’ Good Morning Breakfast

  Are you ready to have a “berry” good morning? Not everything that is nourishing needs to be hard to make. Enjoy making this super easy and delicious berry breakfast recipe! Want a reason to add berries to your morning? “Nourishing, protecting,... read more

Why Should You Soak Nuts and Seeds?

  “People who eat nuts daily live longer than those who don’t.” Have your attention yet? I discuss the amazing health benefits of eating raw nuts and seeds in my book, SuperLife. Nuts and seeds actually deliver critical healthy fats and additional nutrients that... read more


Are you choosing to live the best life possible — a SuperLife? Darin Olien, “the Indiana Jones of Superfoods” and renowned nutrition and lifestyle expert, has spent 20 years gathering the secrets to living a SuperLife from around the world. He’s sharing his secrets in his new book, “SUPERLIFE: THE 5 FORCES THAT WILL MAKE YOU HEALTHY, FIT, AND ETERNALLY AWESOME.” Drawn from Darin’s extensive observations and research, combining these resources will offer a no-judgment, come-as-you-are entry point into the place you deserve to be — living your best life.

“Olien’s relationship with his suppliers is a deeply personal one. He believes in cultivating relationships first, supporting indigenous practices, seeking the highest-quality products and paying generously for them. The farmers he works with have become his close friends.”

 – writer Susan Casey for O Magazine