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SuperLife is living the greatest expression of life possible. This starts by:

  • Accepting 100% responsibility for your life and aspiring to actively pursue a SuperLife.
  • Living with great awareness and sensibility of all aspects of your life.
  • Embracing mental stimulation and challenges to learn, grow, and discover.
  • Engaging in functional physical activity to strengthen, stretch, and diversify your movement.
  • Embodying emotional balance – living honesty with yourself and others, sharing truth, and accepting others despite differences.
  • Becoming spiritually in-tune with yourself and others; how one can be in, not of the world, and what you can do to leave it a better place.

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SuperLife is about living the greatest expression of life possible. We are a lifestyle brand run by a team of passionate people based in Malibu, California, dedicated to bringing you closer to the information and resources that will support you on your journey towards a healthy, vibrant, SUPER life. Based on the travels and research of superfood hunter Darin Olien, SuperLife is the ultimate formulation: a mix and match of globally sourced recommendations, inspirations, intentions, and science.

SuperLife takes the approach that healthy living can take on entirely diverse, individual expressions. SuperLife will take you on a guided and insightful tour into the messages and mysteries of the natural world, leaving you with access to top-quality resources for your own health adventure!

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SuperLife is about helping you put the “super” into your life. It starts by cultivating truly balanced health, by nurturing the mind, body and heart so you can source your inner strength and come to love the life you live.  Changing course requires that you choose a course, bravely reflecting on the dreams of your past so that you may set the intention to either revisit or reimagine those dreams for your future. SuperLife understands and celebrates individuality in all things. By giving you access to the latest in health research and exploration, conducted both by our own team and the scientific community at large, SuperLife offers a no-judgment, come-as-you-are entry point into the place you deserve to be — living your best life.



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