Healthy Alternatives to Birthday Cake

So you (or someone you know) has a birthday to celebrate! Congrats! Birthday cake is pretty much an automatic element of most birthday celebrations. But don’t get stuck this year! Celebrate life by choosing life-giving foods and activities that will actually power you into the new year instead of draggin’ you down!

A Fruit Cake!

A fruit-based birthday cake is a festive nod to the tradition of birthday cake that still provides a nutritious boost to your body! Watermelons are the most popular for their size, but any type of melon will work, including cantaloupes and honeydew melons. These recipes are very simple. A quick search on the Internet will totally have you inspired. You’re only limited by your creativity for decorating them! Look for in-season fruits and maybe even add some colorful, naturally sweeter veggies such as carrots. Hey, a guy can dream.

Try a watermelon cake!


Nice Cream!

My wife is seriously a nice-cream-making rockstar. I mean, if there was a degree in making nice cream, she’d have a Ph.D! It is a fun twist on the dairy-filled ice cream that your body does NOT love, and it packs you full of nutrients and good carbs!

Nice Cream: A creamy, dairy-free ice cream alternative made from frozen bananas. A vegan-friendly, plant-powered soft serve option!

Eliza will tell you the ripe bananas with the dark spots are perfect for this! If you don’t like the texture or taste of super soft bananas, this is a great way to get the unique nutrient profile of super ripe bananas in your diet! The dark spots mean your bananas have ripened to create tumor necrosis factors (TNF), which fight abnormal cells in your body by stimulating the production of white blood cells. No, TNF doesn’t cure cancer as some articles circulating the Internet claim, but it they do give one heck of a boost to your immune system!

Toppings can include antioxidant-rich berries, crushed or whole nuts, cacao, cacao nibs, goji berries, coconut shreds, and more. You can even swirl in homemade peanut butter and almond butter.

Note: People with diabetes or problems with higher amounts of sugar should skip super ripe bananas as the sugar content is very high.

A healthy alternative to birthday cake is making nice cream for your birthday!

 Chocolate-Dipped Bananas (or Fruit Slices)

I’d probably just dive into a piece of pure, dark organic, fair trade chocolate myself and be satisfied. But for kids – or if you want another level of dessert-creation yourself – try making your own chocolate-dipped bananas, also called banana pops.

Here’s a basic recipe from Sugar Hero. I’d recommend crushed nuts as a nice protein addition or adding superfoods such as golden berries, goji berries, mulberries, and more! This recipe from Skinny M offers a fun dip that’s layered with superfoods. Don’t get stuck thinking you can do this with just bananas. Frozen fruit slices (pineapple, apple, etc.) will work too! IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t use a chocolate full of sugar for this recipe! Use chocolate that is 75 to 85% cacao so you get all the true health benefits! The bananas and dried fruit will provide the natural sweet taste.


Photo by Skinny Ms.

Healthy Vegan Pizza!

My favorite cake-free, totally awesome food choice on my birthday involves diving into a monstrous burrito or flavor-packed vegan pizza. Check out my vegan pizza recipe – and from there get creative with your favorite ingredients! If you’re having a party, it’s easy to have guests pile on their own toppings and create custom pizzas!


Get Moving!

Food isn’t the only way to celebrate! Sometimes the biggest gift you can give yourself is staying in rhythm with a clean diet and choose to use another outlet to celebrate. I’d suggest celebrating life with some action! I love looking for a new trail to hike or trying an activity you’ve always been wanting to, but haven’t made time to try. Even in the winter, heading out sledding, ice skating, or cross country skiing can be a fun active way to celebrate. Living in Malibu, I’ll try to start my day off with some time on the water, paddleboarding or surfing.


Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong by skipping the cake and upgrading your birthday celebration to including SuperLife-fueling, nutrient-packed treats! Enjoy….and happy birthday!


How do you celebrate your birthday in a healthy way? I’m sure you all have great ideas! Jump in! Comment below with your suggestions.

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