Darin Olien is “The Ingredient Hunter.” He’s spent much of the last decade circling the globe, traveling to the most remote areas on the planet, in search of the ultimate super foods…


Tree Hugger

Darin Olien is a special kind of ingredient hunter. Since 2006 he’s been traveling the globe — trekking into remote villages around the world and meeting with local medicine men and shaman in search of super foods…


Reps Magazine

How does the creator of Beachbody’s Shakeology brand survive his treks to the far reaches of the planet hunting for the most potent superfoods? Over the past two years, Olien has trekked through remote regions of Peru, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Bhutan and Vietnam in search of underappreciated fruits, nuts and grains such as maca root, sacha inchi and ashwangandha. Profiled in REPS Magazine, “Darin Olien, Mover and Shaker” Men’s Fitness Magazine.


Resiliency Radio

Join Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe, and Moon Calhoun in an informative and entertaining interview with health professional Darin Olien as they discuss the powerful impact of superfoods on our body and mind and how we can incorporate them in our daily lives to become healthier and happier people.


Bloomberg Businessweek

On a good morning in Paradise Cove, Malibu, the water is so clear you can see halibut lurking in the kelp. Little Dume Point rises from its cliffs to the north, and beneath it a few surfers on stand-up paddleboards rise and fall on the swell waiting for their wave. Peter Heller followed around Darin for a few days in Malibu and wrote “The Adventures of Superfood Man” in Bloomberg Business Week Magazine.


Resiliency Radio

Darin Olien on Resiliency Radio talking about water.

Darin Olien founded Darin’s Naturals in 2005 as a means to integrate the numerous concepts related to health, nutrition, and exercise gained while acquiring a BA in Exercise Physiology/Nutrition, an MA in Psychology, and over 2 decaded of experience working in several health-based industries.
Since 2005, Darin has traveled the planet on behalf of Darin’s Naturals, discovering new and underutilized herbs, superfood, and medicinal plants.  Darin’s complete immersion in the indigenous cultures found across the globe have helped to expand his knowledge as a formulator and environmental initiator.

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