6 Tips for Safe Drinking Water When Traveling

When traveling abroad, remember to stay informed! In order to eat produce you must be aware of the water quality in the region of your travel destination.

Simple Tips to Safe Drinking Water

  1. Avoid fruits that cannot be peeled, raw vegetables, or anything that could be contaminated by poor local water quality! Under these conditions bananas and oranges are often safe and available options for fresh snacks.
  2. Avoid ice cubes unless they are made from water using your own reliable water filter.
  3. Keep your mouth closed in the shower.
  4. Wipe utensils before using them.
  5. Brush your teeth with bottled water.
  6. Be sure the seals on any water bottles that you purchase are fully intact.

With some preparation and education, including keeping these six tips in mind, you can confidently travel abroad and avoid contamination from poor local water quality. Safe drinking water is worth the effort!


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