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Protecting the World’s Greatest Nutritional Resources

Mission: Superfood Conservancy’s mission is to bring awareness and access to quality superfoods, create funding, opportunity, and safe working conditions for small farmers, and conserve superfoods’ unique habitats by limiting or improving environmental impact and creating thoughtful stewardship.

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Vision: Our vision is a world where people everywhere can benefit from the power of superfoods grown and processed the right way, creating a direct connection between consumers and the communities growing the superfoods. The only way for superfoods to be processed the right way is through conscious relationships with small famers, global social fundraising for innovative processing facilities that perserve superfoods’ nutritional value, supply chain management, and support from partners at every level including individuals, governments, non-profits, and corporations.


"A superfood is a food that has more nutrients (antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals) for your body when compared calorie for calorie with another food."

Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter


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Project Spotlight

Baru nuts are (Dipteryx alata Vog.), a native species of the Brazilian Savanna, also called the Cerrado, a vast tropical savanna ecoregion covering more than 20 percent of Brazil. The baru nut could provide a solution to a very BIG environmental crisis unfolding in Brazil. People are aware the Amazon is being burned at an alarming rate, but the same thing is happening to the Cerrado. Although it used to cover an area half the size of Europe, its native habitats and rich biodiversity are actually being destroyed faster than the Amazon due to unsustainable agricultural activities, particularly the burning of vegetation for charcoal and cattle ranching. Darin Olien traveled through Brazil in 2016 on a superfood hunting trip as saw the situation firsthand.

“It was heartbreaking to drive for hours and hours and see the widespread destruction of this biologically invaluable region. This destruction’s impact is so massive that it impacts the global environment, but it doesn’t have global attention yet."

Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter

Having an economy for harvesting and selling native baru nuts gives small farmers and land owners a reason to keep the native vegetation intact instead of burning it down. This will protect the natural vegetation that is so important to the planet. The Superfood Conservancy is designed to bring awareness to environmental issues like this, provide support for farmers, and create markets for superfoods such as the baru nut.

This is one example of many situations happening around the world.


More About Baru:

Baru nuts have high antioxidants and more protein (86%) than cashews (78%), peanuts (72%) and pequi almonds (54%). More importantly, it is easily digestible protein. Baru nuts have also been analyzed to contain fiber, good fats, and high levels of iron, zinc, and fiber. Baru nuts are incredible!

The Problem

There are many powerful superfoods and herbs in the world, but not all the communities and farmers have the resources required to successfully bring them to market. They are also making decisions to survive that negatively impact the environments they live in.

“These farmers are passionate and knowledgeable, but often poor and lacking the Western resources needed, such as capital investment, volume, scalable growing techniques, proper processing and packaging, quality testing, shipping, and business management needed. They can’t do it themselves, but I know what it takes to get these done with all my years of traveling and meeting farmers, and building supply chains for products I have formulated. These opportunities can change entire communities.”

Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter

The world needs these superfoods and the Superfood Conservancy is designed to close the gap between the farmers and the consumers who want these superfoods, while addressing sustainability and environmental issues.

The Conservancy Solves Problems For Farmers & Consumers

1. Do you know where your foods or supplements come from?

2. Do you know if they have been rigorously tested for heavy metals or containments?

3. Did you know that some of the greatest medicinal plants and superfoods can’t even make it to you because of a lack of knowledge that they exist and missing infrastructure?

4. What if you could get the best, new superfoods directly from the people, at the highest quality, directly to your door?

5. What if you could directly support the indigenous farmers, growers, and processors?

6. What if you could know you were supporting fair trade and high-quality growing and processing?

8. What if your support protected the endangered animals and environments where these superfoods grow?

9. What if you could help stimulate economies and strengthen communities by supporting the farmers directly instead of big businesses and corporations?

Be a part of a community that:

• buys supplements and foods from credible,real farmers.

• provides the safest, most effective ingredients and foods.

• guarantees fair incomes for indigenous peoples.

• preserves local environments by making their land profitable

again so that big corporations can’t negotiate for agrochemical

growing, the use of GMOs, or the burning of natural habitats.


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