Are Superfoods Rocking you into a SuperLife? If Not, Read On…

IMG_7385 copyAre you tired of your morning routine? Does it fire you up for your day? Do you need a better reason to wake up early and feel accomplished before you head out the door?

It is time to amp your morning up with a serious superfood charge. Superfoods are in, and if you have been blissfully unaware of them, I highly encourage you to read on.

With the growing obesity epidemic and rising chronic disease rates, there is growing evidence that people are not getting healing, nutrient-dense plant foods as a main nutrition source. Although I do not believe there is any one miracle food or supplement, there are many things required to gain optimum health and sadly millions of people are missing out.

Superfoods are more than a trend. They will have a big role in this new era of administering our own “healthcare.”

The growing “superfood” business sector is raising awareness and for good reason. Superfoods are no fad; they are certainly here to stay with their impressive properties with very little side effects as opposed to our unfriendly drug counterparts.

The fact that so may superfoods come in powder form makes smoothies and shakes an important part of a healthy diet. Adding these substances to some berries and greens and water or juice or a cultured dairy product like yogurt of kefir makes them easy to consume…[the most important piece of advice is to] find good, ethical companies that insist on supplying pure, unadulterated products,” (SuperLife, 106).

I have traveled to more than 30 countries in search of superfoods, and I have many favorites. I am excited to share the power of superfoods with you here on including product recommendations that meet my high standards in the SuperShop.

Love How You Live,

Darin Olien


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