Darin Olien

Superfood Hunter

Favorite Super Food: Chaga

Fun Fact: Does an amazing

Arnold Schwarzenegger impression!

Darin Olien, founder of  SuperLife, is often called “the Indiana Jones of superfoods.” Since 2005 he has successfully sourced more than 300 foods and ingredients from around the world as an exotic superfoods hunter and environmental activist. Today, Darin is a renowned authority on nutrition, hydration and the health potential of foods and herbs. He is the formulator of Shakeology® and the plant-based Ultimate Reset® 21-day detoxification program. His book, SuperLife: The 5 Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome,  and his corresponding program, the SuperLife 10-Day Superfood Program, offer a simple, fad-free start to healing your body and understanding how it was made to thrive through the power of a  plant-powered lifestyle.


Heather Young

Editor-in-Chief, 500 RYT

Favorite Superfood: Turmeric 

Fun Fact: Is on a mission to

visit every baseball stadium!

Heather loves directing content production for SuperLife almost as much as she loves instructing yoga. Her perspective on yoga and life is to seize any opportunity NOW to do what you can, where you are with joy. Yoga is a powerful tool for longevity, healing, and wellness. Heather guides people on their own unique journey of keeping their bodies young and vibrant in the Malibu area, and she occasionally gets everyone to bust out a yoga pose at the SuperLife office. Using her Master’s in Communication and a decade-long experience in the communications industry, she’s fanatical about creating clear, fun, life-changing content for SuperLife. If you have a topic you’d like to see the SuperLife team cover or if you have media requests, e-mail her at heather@superlife.com.

Jennifer Klotz


Favorite Superfood: Cacao

Fun Fact: Originally went to

school to be a marine biologist!

As a holistic nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Nutrition and Wellness, Jennifer is dedicated to helping people live a SuperLife by looking at the whole picture (their stress levels, sleep, physical activity, work environment, relationships and nutrition collectively). We love her passion for healing the body through nutrition (and the new recipes she’s always passing around!). She provides educational awareness regarding the knowledge and understanding of food sensitivities and nutritional issues, and offers guidance and the tools needed to help everyone lead a healthier, more balanced life – a SuperLife!

Miguel Berumen

Superfood Explorer

Miguel Berumen is Darin’s modern day Robin. When not diving into scientific research and producing materials for the website, he travels the globe with Darin in search of Nature’s finest superfoods. Miguel brings a ‘road-less-traveled’ mentality, even willing to go where there are no roads at all! Before joining SuperLife, he managed the Vitamin Barn in Malibu and did three years of distance learning at the School of Natural Healing in Orem, Utah. Miguel continues to research and study further in the areas of agronomy, ecology, nutrition and cooking with the understanding that there is no “one way” to health.

Briana Reesing


Favorite Superfood: Chia seeds

Fun Fact: Is certified to scuba dive!

Briana has almost a decade of experience within the health care industry. She brings unique insight to the SuperLife team as she has truly “seen it all” while working in the ER when it comes to the outcomes that poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on our bodies. She’s passionate about “preventative health” and she believes it all begins with the food we choose to eat. Briana is constantly researching and creating new content for the SuperLife website and social media pages and is always finding a way to keep our readers engaged and team meetings light-hearted and fun – but you’ll see her smile biggest when she’s getting creative in the kitchen and photographing new recipes with organic ingredients or traveling around on her next adventure, skiing, hiking, surfing and exploring the world.



Creative Director

Favorite Superfood: Strawberries

As the creative mind and graphic design genius behind the new SuperLife logo, website design and merchandise – Cruz brings an incredible new element to the team with the perfect insight we’ve been looking for. His life motto: Live Simple, Help others and Stay Active Outdoors. He has traveled far away from home in search of the perfect surf and has immersed himself in various cultures while living in other countries, exploring the world and appreciating his surroundings with a true passion for enjoying the environment he lives in. It’s his fresh perspective that has allowed SuperLife to get to the next level. He may not have known what turmeric was when we met him – but he’s quickly absorbing everything Darin has to share and is inspired to help us spread the SuperLife message through beautiful designs and his expertise in the world.