6 Easy Ways to Eat Raw Cacao Every Day

February 13, 2017 By

I eat raw cacao every day. If you spend any time with me, you’ll quickly find out that I love raw cacao and when you find out how good it is for you, you will too! It’s simply a fantastic superfood for your body. I’ve shared seven of the many health benefits that cacao gives your body in this blog….


7 Reasons Why I Eat Chocolate Every Day & You Should To!

February 12, 2017 By

This title may sound crazy, but that’s because you are thinking about the chemical concoctions that are simply called “chocolate,” but aren’t really. Did you know the pure raw cacao, which chocolate is made from, is a superfood? In fact, it is one of my favorites and I really do have a piece every day. Chocolate gets a bad wrap…


7 Key Superfoods to Boost Your Immunity

November 4, 2016 By

Every year tiny little invaders, germs, adapt new strategies on how to sneak past your defenses and settle in like unwanted visitors! Those germs come in, unpack, and eat all the food; not cool! OK, not really, but it can feel like that. This tug of war has been going on for thousands of years. Germs try to move in….


The Superfood-Packed Cacao Banana Smoothie Recipe

October 12, 2015 By

A good post workout smoothie, afternoon energizer, and morning wake-me-up, this versatile, nutrient-packed cacao banana smoothie recipe its into your SuperLife diet just about anywhere. It is also full of superfoods, providing a strong boost to Life Force 1: Nutrition. Cacao powder creates an awesome chocolate flavor, but it also adds nutrients including antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and more. The bananas…


Cacao Maca Energy Smoothie

June 5, 2015 By

Ready to have a energized morning? Two superfoods that I love to pair together to boost my energy are cacao and maca. They both offer your body a clean boost of energy, especially on an early, active morning. This is a great energy smoothie to make before or after a morning workout! The raw, pure, organic cacao adds antioxidants, magnesium,…