The Superfood Surprise in Your Yard

April 22, 2015 By

You know dandelions? The so-called “weed” growing in your yard with the “wishes” or  “blowballs” we all enjoy blowing into the air? It’s not just an ordinary weed; it is a tremendous nutritional powerhouse. I think we’d spend less time, effort, and money trying to eradicate this pesky plant if we understood just how much it offers. This plant grows…


“Just Dandy” Dandelion Tea

April 22, 2015 By

Pesky dandelions are edible from the root all the way up to the bright yellow flower. In addition to using the leaves in salads, you can boil the leaves, root, or flowers to make fresh tea, or get the plant’s medicinal benefits through a pre-made organic, all-natural tea. Dandelion is a particularly high source of vitamins A, C and K,…