7 Reasons Why I Eat Chocolate Every Day & You Should To!

February 12, 2017 By

This title may sound crazy, but that’s because you are thinking about the chemical concoctions that are simply called “chocolate,” but aren’t really. Did you know the pure raw cacao, which chocolate is made from, is a superfood? In fact, it is one of my favorites and I really do have a piece every day. Chocolate gets a bad wrap…


5 Simple Stress-Fighting Snacks!

December 10, 2016 By

Life never stops, so carefree thinking and fighting stress can seem impossible at times. But here is the great news: just taking a quick five-minute snack or tea break can make a huge difference in your body’s stress levels throughout the day! These simple choices are all proven to provide key nutrients that keep your body and mind healthy, calm,…