6 Benefits of Raw, Organic Honey

May 1, 2015 By

Honey is a superfood with strong nutritional and medicinal properties. Cultures across time, let alone the ones I’ve visited on my global travels, value this sweet liquid for a long list of whole-body health benefits (internal and external). For example, in Chinese medicine, bee pollen is used to improve unbalanced nutrition, vitality, longevity, energy, and more. Roman soldiers placed honey…


Abracadabra: The Magic of Sprouting Seeds

April 2, 2015 By

Sprouts are far more than tiny, whitish plants that just happen to garnish a gourmet sandwich or an Asian side dish. In fact, in China there are accounts of sprouts being recommended by traditional physicians to treat a variety of diseases, more than 1000 years ago. Today we know that sprouts are nutritionally dense, enzyme-packed superfoods. This is possible because…