Swap Out These Hidden Health Drainers

March 30, 2016 By

These suggestions may seem too simple, but I promise you that if you start making these changes today, they will add up big time for your long-term health and wellness. Pick one, master it, and then move on to the next for better health! 1. SWAP YOUR WATER BOTTLE OR DRINKING GLASS OUT I stress the quality of the water…


The Fiber in Superfoods Feeds Good Gut Bacteria

October 7, 2015 By

Fiber is found in all foods in different amounts, also we find different varieties in the fibers generally divided into two groups: soluble fiber (which dissolves in water) generally helps modulate blood sugar and regulate cholesterol (and more!), while unsoluble fiber (which does not dissolve in water) improves intestinal tract cleansing, fights constipation, and keeps the digestive tract functioning optimally….