Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy During Flu Season

October 29, 2016 By

Here are the five healthiest habits you need to maintain to naturally boost your defenses. They have a much higher success rate than a marginally effective flu shot, which is why I don’t recommend getting the flu shot if you are a healthy adult. 1. Wash your hands. Wash with pure soap and water ONLY. This will remove any germs…


Tips to Take the ‘Scary’ Out of Halloween’s Sugar Rush

October 9, 2016 By

Halloween is the first holiday in the crazy end-of-the-year run of parties and holidays and treats and having every excuse in the book to be unhealthy. While other people are “scared” by the skeletons, goblins, ghosts, and pranks, I’m more scared by what traditional Halloween snack and foods are doing inside your body. Especially if you take a closer look…


How to Eat Healthy When Visiting Family

September 16, 2016 By

I recently visited my family in southern Minnesota. Traveling – especially when traveling to visit family – can make it difficult to stay in a healthy eating rhythm. Here are some of the ways I’ve learned for how to eat healthy when visiting family, as well as some tips for having positive conversations with family members who don’t eat the…


Swap Out These Hidden Health Drainers

March 30, 2016 By

These suggestions may seem too simple, but I promise you that if you start making these changes today, they will add up big time for your long-term health and wellness. Pick one, master it, and then move on to the next for better health! 1. SWAP YOUR WATER BOTTLE OR DRINKING GLASS OUT I stress the quality of the water…