Immunity-Boosting, Natural Flu Shot Recipe

October 30, 2016 By

Here is a great antibiotic, antiviral shot you can make right in your own kitchen. It just uses simple, whole food ingredients, but they combine to create an anti-flu and cold “bomb” against any viruses or bacteria.  KITCHEN UTENSILS Blender or Food Processor Medium Bowl WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS 3-4 whole lemons 1/2 inch ginger 1 small clove of garlic 1 tbsp raw,…


Scary Foods Facts…And How To Avoid Them

October 23, 2016 By

Food, quite simply, can be medicine or poison. What’s really scary are all the ingredients running around dressed up like “food.” Walk the aisles of your supermarket, stop in a fast-food restaurant, or grab a soda from a  vending machine and you’ll find cleverly costumed “foods” laced with harmful substances—added sugars, preservatives, additives, chemical dyes, weird coatings, and flavorings. It…