Why You Should Care About Chia Seeds!

November 29, 2016 By

Tiny, little chia seeds were first cultivated and eaten in central Mexico dating back at least 2000 years ago.  These small, but mighty seeds have reemerged in grocery stores and are growing in availability because of their nourishing, digestible, and low-caloric properties. Learn more about why you should care about chia seeds in this video with SuperLife founder, Darin Olien!…


The Simplest Way to Regain Your Energy

June 15, 2016 By

It really seems too simple, but when you stay hydrated, you instantly upgrade your health. We are all primarily made of water. This makes drinking enough water, or staying hydrated, a critical piece of staying healthy! Drinking enough water is the simplest way to regain your energy! Our bodies, as a whole, are made up of 75% water, while our…


Do You Know the Secret to Make Creamy Smoothies?

October 9, 2015 By

The art of the smoothie can be a little hit or miss at times. We’ve all downed a watery smoothie or two before. But here are some simple tricks to thicken up your smoothies and keep them nice and creamy. The best part? All these tips add extra nutritional density to your smoothies! You win on texture and you support…


SuperLife Spotlight: Darren Bachiu Shatters the Protein Myth

September 29, 2015 By

People around the world are discovering the power of living a SuperLife. We affectionately call them “SuperLifers” over here. When we met Darren (with an “e”!) Bachiu, his energy and zest for life was INFECTIOUS! He absolutely reflects what it is to truly live a SuperLife! But it wasn’t always that way (seriously, check out his before and after photo!)….


Shishito Pepper Snackers

August 12, 2015 By

There’s nothing like seasonal snacking – eating food picked at the peak of its freshness and ready to eat! Corn tastes sweeter, raspberries are juicier, tomatoes are softer, and peppers are crisper!  And it is so good for you because it is FRESH! “The best definition of fresh food is produce that hasn’t been lying around too long before we…


What are Goldenberries?

July 9, 2015 By

GOLDENBERRIES (Physalis peruviana) Goldenberries are native to Brazil, but they are also grown in high altitudes and warm climates such as Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. It is easiest to find goldenberries that have been harvested and dried before being sold. You’ll have to hunt to find them fresh in the United States.  This superfood…