Darin Olien Fights Illegal Biopiracy, Strengthens Peru Superfoods Supply Chain

June 18, 2015 By

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 15, 2015 – Superfood hunter Darin Olien and a multi-corporation operations and research team toured Peru in June on a mission to explore new Peru superfoods, work on sustainable supply chain management for known superfoods maca, sacha inchi, and yacon, fight biopiracy, and create vertical supply chain integration between farmers, suppliers, and the consumer…


The Fragile History of Peruvian Maca

June 9, 2015 By

Every day I’m traveling while hunting superfoods is incredible. It is! Mud slides, sleepless nights of travel, cell-phone-stealing orangutans, dirt, hustle, and chaos included! Some days, however, are just…legendary. Today in the high altitudes of the Andes, I had the opportunity to meet a true legend that I’m sure very few in the West have ever heard of unfortunately. Why…


Relax in Under 5 Minutes

April 16, 2015 By

Taking time to relieve stress and relax is so important for long-term health and living a SuperLife. However, finding the time to relax when you have a million tasks to get done and life is coming at you non-stop can be difficult. We understand! You still haven’t responded to important emails, you still need to finish your report for tomorrow,…


Easy-Does-It Ginger Cinnamon Chamomile Tea

April 16, 2015 By

Chamomile – which can also be spelled ‘camomile’ – is a daisy-like herb that has multiple health, nutritional, and even cosmetic benefits. It is a time-tested go-to found in cultures around the world who have used chamomile herbal tea as a cure-all for many physical and emotional health concerns. Now, thanks to scientific research about chamomile tea benefits, this tea…


Abracadabra: The Magic of Sprouting Seeds

April 2, 2015 By

Sprouts are far more than tiny, whitish plants that just happen to garnish a gourmet sandwich or an Asian side dish. In fact, in China there are accounts of sprouts being recommended by traditional physicians to treat a variety of diseases, more than 1000 years ago. Today we know that sprouts are nutritionally dense, enzyme-packed superfoods. This is possible because…


The Silent Killer You Do Every Day

March 27, 2015 By

You have 360 joints and 700 named skeletal muscles designed to make your body move! In my book, I describe our bodies as Ferraris — “beautiful, top-of-the-line, world-class precision machines.” Ferraris were designed to be driven, not to sit motionless in a garage. Likewise, our bodies were made to be moved, not to sit motionless.  Yet how many hours a…