Were You At Super Saturday in Indiana?

Last weekend I traveled to Indiana to celebrate Super Saturday with Julie Voris and her team, Sparta Nation, a 7 x Elite team in Team Beachbody.

Talk about a pumped, motivated, inspirational group! Each and every person I met was living their SuperLife. If you were there, give a shout out in the comments below!

Darin Olien and Julie Voris on Beachbody's Super Saturday


(Side note: How awesome are the sweatshirts Julie made for the event?! I’m thinking about printing up a bunch because this is my personal motto and passion: LIVE YOUR SUPERLIFE! Email if you’re interested).

I have to say, of all the places I’ve traveled over the years, I was surprised when I realized I hadn’t ever made it to Indiana yet! Honestly, Indiana reminded me very much of Minnesota in the winter as it was 2 degrees out. 2 degrees! Talk about getting some free cold therapy! (Which is great for you by the way).

Julie Voris, a long-time coach and trainer, put the event on and it was really good to get to know her more. She is a rock star! She is a 15 Star Diamond coach and 6X Elite coach, but she’s also from the Midwest like me, and is the nicest, most passionate person you’ll ever meet. She is built to inspire people in their personal health journeys. If you ever get a chance to take one of her fitness classes, DO! She’s a Superstar Diamond Beachbody coach on top of everything else!

Darin Olien and Julie Voris at Bechbody's Super Saturday

Darin Olien and Julie Voris.

The event was in a very nice performing arts center in Carmel, a suburb of Indianapolis.

Several hundred friendly Midwesterners were there. Believe me, that’s a GREAT atmosphere! It was my first Super Saturday event and I’m glad I’ve personally experienced one. Beachbody supports the coaches having these smaller events 3-4 times a year for existing coaches and potential coaches as it supports people getting together and learning about what Beachbody is committed to and broadening the attendees’ education.

It was amazing to be a part of a large public gathering and dive into “all things Shakeology,” including things that I have never fully talked about including how Beachbody’s quality assurance works and how it is miles apart from other companies.

I was also able to show and talk about the journey each ingredient in Shakeology goes through to get safely and effectively into that bag with maximum potency!

It’s a long journey that protects the farmers, the environment, and the quality of the superfoods. When that bag of Shakeology ends up on your doorstep it’s had a positive impact on farmers around the world, and it’s ready to have an incredible impact on your health.

Daily consumption of superfoods is so very important in this stressful world!

Contact my team at if you want to set up a educational event in your area, and contact Beachbody if you want to set up a Super Saturday event in your area.

I love talking about Shakeology and sharing my personal experiences formulating this incredible blend of superfoods!


  1. Michelle Clarke

    Thanks for sharing your passion and nutrition insight with is in IN!

  2. Lisa Cook

    I was there and it was an amazing experience! Traveled from Southern Indiana with 4 other Beachbody coaches and we loved it. We all said we could listen to Darin talk ALL day! Thanks, Julie for making it all possible. We all came from the event with a whole new appreciation for the Shakeology that we already loved.

  3. Marlene Green

    I was there and it was an awesome experience! Love Super Saturday’s! Thank you Darin Olien for coming to Indianapolis and speaking with us! Yes I too could listen to you speak all day!! Thank you for all that you do I helping others live their Super Lives!

  4. Nicole Deller

    It was so inspiring, educational & just plain cool! I loved hearing about the nutritional shake I drink every day from the Superfood hunter & creator himself! Thank you!!

  5. Emily Stephens

    I was there along with my husband. It was his first Super Saturday. I’m so glad you chose Indiana to be your first SS and thanks for all the information you shared!

  6. Lora Smith

    I could listen to you talk all day, Darin. Thank you so much for your commitment to never compromising quality, and your passion for helping us all live a SUPERLIFE!!

  7. Kevin Butz

    Darin, thanks so much for coming out to talk with us. It was a pleasure getting to know you a little and even carry in a couple chairs, lol. I loved that you were simply down to earth, and every bit as kind, thoughtful and genuine a human being as anyone could have hoped for. Your passion for what you do, and for health, fitness and truly living a super life doesn’t just shine through…it freakin explodes, man!


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